Tellingly, losses only in bought-in lambs. Farm had made improvements in clostridial & pasteurella vaccination of its own lambs after losses last year. Looks like it has worked, given the pattern of deaths. #VaccinesWork

Early intake of good quality colostrum is essential to help calves build natural immunity and promote gut health #ColostrumIsGold #TeamDairy #DiseaseNotOnMyFarm

Had trouble with calf scours on your farm? It’s a common disease and costly to both calf welfare and farm economics. Get in touch to see what you can do to stop it costing your farm. #VaccinesWork #ProtectTheNextGeneration #Bovigen

Acute IBR infection is seen in young and naïve animals, and often leads to classic symptoms such as fever and nasal discharge. Once an animal has been infected they become a latent carrier that sheds the virus and can infect other naïve animals #DiseaseNotOnMyFarm #VaccinesWork

#VaccinesWork if stored correctly between 2C and 8C; accidental freezing or a temperature too warm can significantly reduce efficiency in some vaccines!