IBR is a highly infectious and contagious viral disease affecting cattle of all ages. It is one of the top cattle health and welfare concerns across Great Britain estimated to cost the industry £36.6m #DiseaseNotOnMyFarm #VaccinesWork

Outbreaks of disease are unpredictable and can have a major financial impact on your farm business. Vaccination is a planned approach to help to protect your herd and improve animal health #VaccinesWork #DiseaseNotOnMyFarm

Pasteurellosis is caused by bacteria that are carried by normal, healthy sheep, triggered by stressors to cause symptoms like pneumonia and death. It's important to vaccinate against pasteurellosis as many trigger factors can't be controlled.


NADIS Animal Health Skills - Clostridia and Pasteurella Vaccination

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👀 at these results #WAAW18 from @Sam1bar #challengesheep @AHDB_BeefLamb 🙌 #teamsheep #improvinghealth #reducingcosts Health planning works!

Tellingly, losses only in bought-in lambs. Farm had made improvements in clostridial & pasteurella vaccination of its own lambs after losses last year. Looks like it has worked, given the pattern of deaths. #VaccinesWork

Interested in how vaccines are produced? Find out what our Disease? Not On My Farm! ambassadors learnt during their recent tour of the MSD Animal Health site #DiseaseNotOnMyFarm #VaccinesWork

Early intake of good quality colostrum is essential to help calves build natural immunity and promote gut health #ColostrumIsGold #TeamDairy #DiseaseNotOnMyFarm