Almost 60% of abortions in sheep are due to either enzootic abortion or toxoplasmosis. And you can vaccinate for both! But act now, at least 4 weeks before tupping #VaccinesWork

Turning the tups out? Remember to vaccinate for enzootic abortion 4 weeks beforehand. EAE is the most common cause of sheep abortion in the UK & 76% of UK ewes have been exposed to Toxoplasmosis. Protect that precious pregnancy. #VaccinesWork

Spotted our NSA Communications Manager and Policy Officer for England Joanne Briggs in todays @FarmersGuardian discussing blanket use of antibiotics in sheep?
It's a good read and may make you consider more effective use of vaccines as suggested by @RUMA_UK #vaccineswork

About 90% of all eligible pigs are vaccinated for Porcine Circovirus (PCV2) and around 70% for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. Look at the resources on the@RUMA_UK website to make sure the vaccines you give are working effectively #VaccinesWork

It's surprising how many farm fridges are those discarded from the kitchen – no longer suitable for the £100 weekly shop but still considered suitable for a £3,000 vaccine supply. Check your medicines are kept at the right temperature to ensure that #VaccinesWork @RUMA_UK

Systemic pasteurellosis is the most common cause of sudden death in lambs in the UK between August and December. Carried by healthy sheep, the bacteria becomes harmful when triggered by stress factors. Sheep farmers should be aware of trigger factors and vaccinate #ProjectLAMB

#VaccinesWork - ashamed that till #Vaccine18 today, didn’t really know about Rinderpest eradication: global threat to livestock from cattle measles, Queen Victoria exalts the nation to pray, but instead vaccinology totally saves the day and eradicates. So let’s do human measles!

Vaccines should be stored correctly in a fridge between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. If they are frozen for any length of time, the organism in the vaccine will be destroyed and the vaccine will be ineffective #VaccinesWork #DiseaseNotOnMyFarm