Q: How does vaccination help us tackle antibiotic resistance?

A: By preventing disease from taking hold in the first place, we can reduce the need for antibiotics.

But, when bacterial disease strikes, there's no alternative to antibiotics. They are necessary for treatment.

We've made a new banner for our meeting on Monday, when we'll focus on role of GPs, dentists & pharmacists in overcoming challenges posed by AMR. Please 🙏 urge your MP to attend. Only serious political commitment will #StopSuperbugs Details here: https://t.co/mP95r1i0md

We asked @PLFProf -- "Paint us a picture...what will European livestock farming look like in twenty years?"

His response was simple....Digital will be the norm. Better tracking, more precision, improved production.

Check out more in our new interview:

Every year, 1 in 5 livestock will be lost to disease.

This is an astounding number that affects not just animals but the 1+ billion people who rely on livestock worldwide.

We must stop this. Support better animal health.

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Don't bring it home! Diseases such as African Swine Fever (ASF) can be carried in pigmeat, which is harmful if fed to pigs. Make sure all pig unit staff are aware, especially if travelling to other countries at Christmas https://t.co/MLYSXDUN9U @APHAgovuk #pighealth