Don't bring it home! Diseases such as African Swine Fever (ASF) can be carried in pigmeat, which is harmful if fed to pigs. Make sure all pig unit staff are aware, especially if travelling to other countries at Christmas @APHAgovuk #pighealth

Letter about the essential role of the environmental risk assessment in safeguarding the environment in the authorisation process for vet medicines

The most common causes of pathogenic calf scour are rotavirus, cryptosporidium and coccidiosis. Your vet can help to identify the cause of scour on-farm, to establish the best course of treatment and prevention #ScourPrevention #DiseaseNotOnMyFarm

The #VaccinesWork campaign is easing off for this year now. Resources are still available on and also through the info site Please follow @RUMA_UK for more on responsible use of medicines & watch out for #ColostrumIsGold next Feb!

IBR is a highly infectious and contagious viral disease affecting cattle of all ages. It is one of the top cattle health and welfare concerns across Great Britain estimated to cost the industry £36.6m #DiseaseNotOnMyFarm #VaccinesWork

Outbreaks of disease are unpredictable and can have a major financial impact on your farm business. Vaccination is a planned approach to help to protect your herd and improve animal health #VaccinesWork #DiseaseNotOnMyFarm

Pasteurellosis is caused by bacteria that are carried by normal, healthy sheep, triggered by stressors to cause symptoms like pneumonia and death. It's important to vaccinate against pasteurellosis as many trigger factors can't be controlled.


NADIS Animal Health Skills - Clostridia and Pasteurella Vaccination

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